Are you responsible for plastic packaging?

Bear with us as we take the opportunity to say it as it is:  You should be part of the plastic packaging solution.  The ‘how’ may be a bit more complex and depends on who you are and where you fit into the value chain, of course. 

The packaging value chain is complex and all industry stakeholders, including you, have to take responsibility in order to contribute sustainably.  Various packaging mediums, including most plastics, is arguably here to stay, for good reason but a shift in attitude and behaviours toward recycling is paramount in achieving a circular economy.

Where you fit into the waste stream

A good waste management system has a strong focus on separating at source (yes, that is you, consumer) and a fair level of knowledge and awareness amongst all stakeholders.  Let’s turn our focus to understanding how each individual can support the solution:

Secondary markets
Design your recyclability

To who is the finger pointing now?

Yes, we know roles will be unclear at times, legislation won’t be perfect, infrastructure will take time to develop and greenwashing exists (more about that next month – the lies you’re being told about sustainability!) but in conclusion, ask yourself this vital question:  If packaging producers are being held to high standards by society, what is society (aka: you) doing to play your part in achieving smarter, sustainable solutions?