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Fully EPR compliant

This means that we have got you covered.

As a supporter of the circular economy, we have voluntarily been contributing to EPR for several years. Our registration with PRO’s PETCO, POLYCO, COPCO and the Department of Forestry, Fisheries and the Environment (DFFE) means that you are EPR compliant with all the packaging items that we supply to you.

By positively and financially contributing to industry associations, we enable you to be part of the solution and have access to the most updated industry developments. Our memberships mean you enjoy the competitive advantage and full EPR coverage.

Food safety compliant

We abide by the strict standards of our BRCGS* accreditation as recognised by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI).

As a BRCGS member, we maintain a declaration of compliance that outlines our processes from start to finish. Our customers can buy our products knowing that we operate legally, ethically, that our quality is exceptional, thus promoting food safety.

Geared and ready to innovate

We have a customer centric approach.

We are geared for innovation! Our in-house R&D team assists us in following a true customer centric approach that puts us at the forefront of our industry for innovating and prototyping

Our ability to innovate allows you to develop products that can increase your productivity competitiveness and overall profitability whilst reducing your operational cost. We look forward to making this contribution to your business.

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Distributing across all 9 provinces in South Africa

We have a 48 hour delivery time.

We use a distribution network that spans across all 9 provinces in South Africa and beyond, allowing us a 48-hour turnaround delivery time.

Our 48-hour delivery time and extensive distribution network helps you to promptly respond to supply challenges and capitalise on unforeseen increases in market demand – keeping you at the top of your game.

A level 1 B-BBEE contributor

We are interested in your growth. Our level 1 contributor status enables you to improve your own B-BBEE score.
Mpact is committed to transformation and we are extremely pleased that Mpact Operations retained its Level 1 B-BBEE contributor status during the year, reflecting our efforts in transformation, which go well beyond compliance. Mpact’s Diversity Policy focuses on promoting the diversity attributes of gender, race, culture, age, field of knowledge, skills and experience.

Fully EPR Compliant

As a supporter of the circular economy we have made great strides in many areas of our businesses towards closing the manufacturing loop ourselves. We welcome EPR schemes to ensure that more recycling does take place, and that less waste goes to South Africa’s landfill sites.

It is our responsibility as a company that upholds its values and acts as a good corporate citizen to support proactive initiatives such as this, and to encourage compliance.

Mpact has been contributing to EPR by means of a voluntary levy, for several years and is an existing member of Packaging SA, Plastics SA, The Polystyrene Association of SA, SAVA and Vinyl Loop, and the following Producer Responsibility Organisations (PROs):
•Polyco (HDPE, LDPE, PP)

And the Forestry, Fisheries and the Environment (DFFE)

We look forward to participating with you in this process, furthering our investment in a circular economy and contributing to smarter, sustainable solutions. For more information, please contact us on

Food safety compliant

The BRCGS standard is often required by leading industry players around the world when approving their suppliers, helping to reduce waste and prevent recalls or reject products.

As part of the BRCGS’ world-wide standard and our own ethical practices, Mpact Versapak commits to not make use of any local or imported recycled polystyrene, remain committed to our manufacturing standards in order to produce the highest quality products, ensure full traceability of raw materials and only supply products that are 100% compliant with BRCGS regulations.

Although it is not possible to visually tell which products are BRC accredited and which are not, using non-accredited products can have very negative consequences, such as food contamination or not being able to trace a product back to its manufacturing process.

We encourage our customers and distributors to make responsible purchases that will benefit the industry, our economy and the environment, whilst considering the South African consumers’ health and safety as priority.

Global distribution

Reducing your cost and improving your inventory management is top of mind for us. At Versapak we ensure that we increase your credibility and deliver to expectation so that you can enjoy the benefits of an increased customer base, increased revenue and unparalleled convenience.

Our aim is further focussed on improving transport through optimized product design, carefully planning distribution routes and ensuring that we maintain a positive packaging-transport ratio so that we reduce, rather than add, to the carbon footprint.

“We always strive to service our customers in the most effective and reliable manner”
– Mpact Versapak Warehouse Manager, Martin Slammat

Ultimately, distributing across all 9 provinces in South Africa, within 48 hours, helps you to capitalise on unforeseen increases in market demand and promptly respond to supply challenges.