Closing the loop to your packaging needs

Closing the loop to your packaging needs with Mpact Versapak alongside partners Bizerba and Sealed Air.

Mpact Versapak has partnered with Sealed Air and Bizerba to provide you with the best lidding film and tray sealer solutions currently available in the market to cater to all your specific requirements and packaging needs.


The Mpact Versapak range is available in three standard cavity sizes with various depths which is compatible with the majority of thermoforming machines currently in the market.

The Mpact Versapak PET Trays are Lidding Film ready.

Our Standard/Petzorb/ Modified Atmosphere (MAP) packaging range in clear/black has no lamination and can be used with all monolayer lidding films. Request to see the latest skin, patty and mince tray designs we have available.


Patented lidding solution for PET and rPET trays

CRYOVAC® Sealappeal® PSF film for case ready applications (fish, fresh red meat, poultry) will allow you to move to mono-PET or rPET trays thanks to its perfect sealing properties on these trays. You will produce shiny, strong packs with a smooth drum effect lidding, which will make them stand out on the shelves.

Consumers will love your packs’ optics, the convenience of removing the lidding in one go and the guarantee that they will never have shards of plastic film in their food.

Features and benefits of Monolayer Lidding film:

  • Enhances your products’ attractiveness in the retail environment with a hermetic, 
  • anti-fog, glossy pack, and a smooth, wrinkle-free drum effect top film
  • Improves your consumers’ experience with a one-piece-peel, easy-opening feature


Bizerba has been known for quality, safety and reliability in product offerings and services.  Their end-of-line solutions meet and exceed the requirements for a reliable and safe packaging process

Pack fresh food easily, quickly and efficiently:

Our manual tray sealer HS6 is easy to use and the die-cut mould change is fast without the need of other tools, offering flexibility to interchange the moulds in a matter of seconds.  Use the HS6 as needed for a wide variety of packaging types and materials.

An individual retail solution for maximum flexibility which requires minimal space.

Features and benefits of Tray Sealer

  • Electronic temperature control display for easy operation to change temperature settings
  • Fast and easy mould change with standard machine handling up to 3 sizes (Max 13)
  • Packaging-specific sealing mould (fixed tray size) with automatic film cutting at the tray edge
  • Made of food grade stainless steel for durability and hygiene