Create something good, pack it in Octagon

A simple packaging solution that makes sense

Our fully IML-labelled Octagon range optimises on-shelf brand exposure, boasts exceptional versatility across a wide range of industries and product categories; and offers maximum decorating space to align with your product vision.

Available in 250g and 500g, and being fridge and freezer friendly, the Octagon tub is truly versatile across markets and product categories. With the introduction of larger sizes later in 2022, this product range boasts maximum on-shelf brand exposure as both the tub and lid is fully IML wrapped and available in a vast range of colour and label designs.

The nestable design optimizes transport and warehouseing and the tub and lid is produced from fully recyclable Polypropylene. With it’s interlocking rim, the tub is leak proof. The tamper evident tab stays attached to the tub when broken, making it compliant to EPR regulations.

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