PETZorb: bidding farewell to 20 million non-recyclable, bloody soaker pads

Our innovation continues in the interest of recyclability and consumer convenience.

With its unique hexagonal base cells, this award-winning, competitively priced tray is designed to absorb and lock away fluid from the product using surface tension, keeping the tray clean and presentable even when displayed at an angle. This third-generation product absorbs almost double the amount of fluids over the same period of time as its absorbency pad alternative.

The PETZorb® tray, is fully recyclable and can be produced using food grade rPET too, supporting the return of post-consumer waste PET into SA’s economy; reducing dependence on virgin material whilst creating a demand-pull for plastics where infrastructure exists.

The PETZorb tray eliminates the cost of 20-million non-recyclable absorbency pads annually and optimizes transport and warehousing through a lightweight stackable design.   The design further lowers operational costs by eliminating breakages, requiring less clingfilm, and lowering the packaging to content ratio, ultimately, providing customers and retailers with a cleaner, more convenient experience.  Available in various sizes and two standard colours, Versapak PETZorb and MAP trays have no lamination and can be used with a monolayer lidding film.

The trays are the subject of South African Design Application Nos.  A2021/00168, A202100169 and F2021/00170.  In addition, technology employed in the trays is the subject of South African Provisional Patent Application No. 2021/01159