The future of polystyrene is strong

As a responsible converter and a strong contender in the market for the manufacture of polystyrene packaging, we aim to promote user confidence whist contributing to the Polystyrene Association, amongst other initiatives, to ultimately reduce leakage of polystyrene into the environment.

For this reason, together with its functionality, beneficial secondary applications and the fact that it is a natural product that is harmless to people, we know that polystyrene has a strong and positive future.

So, what is our objective? 

  • We want you to think positively about polystyrene. 
    • Understand its strengths, benefits, facts and the wonderful opportunities that exists.
  • We want you to feel reassured about
    • its beneficial end-of-life application, the safety of its use and the contribution that it makes to your daily life. 
  • We want you to act in being part of the solution for this packaging medium by
    • Participating in an Extended Producer Responsibility Scheme, understand how you are responsible for PS collection and recycling, help in educating those around you and quite simply, start recycling!

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