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Staying with Polystyrene

Acknowledging perceptions is key.  The visible nature of plastic pollution has put packaging on the forefront of the environmentalists’ to-do list.  We agree that recycling needs

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The truth about Polystyrene

What is polystyrene, actually? Polystyrene, abbreviated PS, is a polymer made from the aromatic monomer styrene which is a by-product of petroleum and a natural

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The alternative to Polystyrene

There are alternatives for all material grades but true sustainable packaging is not simply changing a packaging medium, it is considering the entire value chain, cradle-to-cradle as

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What is Greenwashing?

Let us unpack the industry terms for good With the recent implementation of the amended Regulations pertaining to Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR), under the National

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SAVA’S newly launched VINYL-DOT

Your assurance of safe, responsible and sustainable PVC products The Southern African Vinyls Association’s (SAVA) newly launched Vinyl-dot (vinyl.) offers consumers and end-users the assurance that PVC

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